The main task was originally meant to be filmed inside an empty house, but due to unavailable location, a majority of the filming was carried out in school as an alternative option, and the late hours filming done supervised by an adult driver.

The actual main task was to create an original film opening sequence to our chosen genre, in our case, a horror movie. Each group member chose a role that they undertook when the filming took place, from acting to directing, and the whole group completed the editing. 

The film would be unsuitable for children as the story includes a psychotic girl who kills her boyfriend and becomes emotionally and intellectually effected, appearing crazy and insane to the audience. Our opening shows several shots including flashbacks of the girl whilst a voiceover explains what the movie will be about, it explains how the girl killed her boyfriend and that the rest of the story will explain how.

The main forms of conventions of horror movies that you expect to see or hear in a horror movie are:

-Dark lighting/ flashing lights
-intense uneasy music
-scary looking killers
-bloody scenery props
-Voices screaming or crying   etc

Conventions like these were similar to those that we used in our short opening, for example the shot in the toilet where the girl washes the blood away from her hands, implying that she's just murdered someone.

Usually in some scary movies, you never actually know who the killer is, adding mystery to the movie, but with our film, we begin by showing you who the killer is, making the reason of her being the killer a mystery.

We filmed at school and at our local church, inside the graveyeard, to give the idea of the killer visiting her victim.

However instead of filming the murder scene in the night as many horror films usually do, because of lesson timings we varied our filmings from evenings to nights at the graveyard.

The audience for our movie would be from teenagers aged about 16 onwards, mature people that can handle such horrific scenes and aggressive behaviour and aren’t likely to become influence because of the film. 


Our editing was carried out on Final Cut Pro, with sound being imported from Garage Band. The picture above shows a print screen of our actual editing. We used a couple of different transitions in between the shots to make the trailer flow better. The text / credits were made on Motion and also imported into Final Cut Pro.